Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

Hospital HVAC

Delivering prompt, reliable and respectful technicians to every Medical Facility we service is something we pride ourselves on here at Allison Mechanical, Inc. Downtime is unacceptable for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, and we are prepared to respond promptly with the care and devotion needed to rectify your equipment failures. Working around Patients requires our employees to demonstrate a higher level of respect, awareness, caring and understanding, our technicians have been trained to do just that. There is a certain responsibility when entrusted with the maintenance, repair or installation of mechanical equipment at Hospitals and Medical Facilities. It is essential that the systems perform as designed, as improper operation can have serious and far reaching adverse effects on the quality of care you provide for your Patients. We recognize and accept this challenge by delivering professional, prompt and expert service, maintenance and repair of your Mechanical systems. To experience a higher level of service for your mechanical systems, contact Allison Mechanical, Inc.