All Variable Speed Chiller Plants


An All Variable Speed Central Plant can deliver unparalleled energy savings when compared to plants that are controlled by conventional methods. Even if you have a plant with variable frequency drives on pumps, compressors and fans, they are controlled individually, without regard to the effects of each one on the other. The All Variable Speed Plant incorporates a central controller that optimizes each device and operates them in a coordinated strategy to find the "sweet spot" of overall energy efficiency. By optimizing the plant in this fashion, you can expect reduced energy consumption and increased equipment useful lifespan, without sacrificing comfort and reliability. We have successfully installed and commissioned All Variable Speed Plants that boast a .55-.65 Kilowatt per ton efficiency, for the entire plant! That would include the chiller, cooling tower fan, condenser water pumps and the chilled water pumps, versus a typical reciprocating chiller commonly running near 1.8 Kilowatt per ton. Contact Allison Mechanical, Inc. for more information about All Variable Speed Plants.